Which factory should I order from (Dubai or Lebanon)?

It does not really matter where you choose to order your chocolate from as both facilities can produce the same chocolates. However, confectionary other than chocolate are only made at our factories in the UAE.


How long does it take to produce an order?

We usually ask our customers to give us one week to manufacture their order as everything is made upon order and no stocks are carried from any product so as to keep it 'fresh'.


How do we arrange delivery of an order?

If your business is within the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Lebanon then we can deliver the chocolates to your shop in our temperature-controlled vehicles. For all orders outside these countries, shipment and documentation can be arranged by us (at the cost of the customer).


What brands can I have on my sweets?

We specialize in private branding. This means we can adapt all the packaging of the sweets to your brand design. If you are a start-up and have no branding, our team of graphic designers can help you with that.


Is the quality of the chocolate consistent?

We source our chocolate Raw materials from Natra in Spain and Belgium. This insures that our quality remains excellent and consistent.


Does your chocolate contain nuts?

Even though not all of our chocolates contain nuts, our factory is not nut-free.


Who do you supply your sweets to?

We are wholesalers specializing in private branding for patisseries, chocolate shops, hotels, etc. We respect the privacy of our customers and never disclose who we work with.


When are you open

In the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia we are open every day except for Friday from 8am – 6pm. In Lebanon, we are closed only on Sundays and open from 8am – 6pm.


What makes you different to other chocolate manufacturers?

This is an interesting question:

  1. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of all our products. Ingredients are studied and tested before being accepted for listing.
  2. Our packaging is designed carefully to protect the chocolates that take great skill to make, so they can arrive to you in top form.
  3. We are flexible in creating for you a menu that is catered to the fillings and chocolates that you want. We do all this with a very low minimum quantity required.
  4. We private brand everything to match your brand. Our variety of chocolate paper designs and colors is unmatched.
  5. We believe service plays a very important role in life. Our focus is on making sure that the process from the time you place your order until you receive it runs smoothly.


I am looking for accessories and gift items to complement the chocolates. Where can I find them?

In every country we are located in, we have a showroom which has a large selection of gifts and accessories to choose from (Ribbons, trays, flowers, packaging, etc.)


I Want to Design Retail packaging for my chocolate….

Our graphic designers are specialists in chocolate and confectionary packaging. They can work with you to produce the outcome you are looking for and we can take it one step further and manufacture them for you at competitive prices!

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